Karen Wussow

A true story about a personal journey from abuse to becoming a social worker. 

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About Karen

Licensed Social Worker

St. Cloud State University Graduate

-- Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSW)

-- Minor in Human Relations

-- Concentration in Women's Studies

Karen works to facilitate the welfare of communities, individuals and societies. She passionately promotes social change, development, cohesion, and empowerment in individuals , families, and organizations. 


To three amazing adult children who  each work successfully in compassionate careers.

Grandmother, Friend, Educator, Colleague, Advocate, Motivator, Confidante, and so much more...

Knowledge is power. And one of the ways to stop child abuse in the home and in the system is prevention through education. Karen positively contributes her skills and a lifetime of personal and professional experience of over 20 years as a licensed social worker through education, counseling and advocacy. 

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Karen is Available for speaking, roundtables, & Conferences

Foster children have a voice. Adults need to listen.

Professional Workshop

Bringing it Home:
Professionalism with a Heart

As an inspiring motivational speaker for foster care, child welfare professionals, foster parents, teachers and social workers, Karen shares an insider's view of the at-risk family dynamic, offering awareness and skills to professionals that will strengthen their relationships when working with families, and assist them to communicate and implement realistic expectations with respect and compassion. This workshop will challenge your thoughts and ideas of individuals and families living with poverty, child abuse, domestic violence, chemical dependency, and/or mental health disorders, and working within the social service system.

Description: 1 hour presentation and 1/2 hour for questions, comments, examples from the field, and group discussion. 

Community Workshop

Outside the Lines:
A Personal Journey


This session will provide unique insight and deeper understanding of the at-risk family dynamics.  The presenter will describe her own journey from growing up with abuse, alcoholism, neglect, poverty, and foster care to her current position as a Licensed Social Worker; offering perspectives as both a child and a professional in the system.  This powerful story will especially benefit anyone who interacts with at-risk children and families.  

Description: 1 hour presentation, and 1/2 hour for questions, comments, examples from the field, and group discussion. 

For more information on how to book Karen for either presentation, please call Karen directly at 320-733-4888.  

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Karen Wussow

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